L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma has always been committed to the issues of Third Mission with an approach oriented towards the Valorization of Knowledge through various initiatives aimed at promoting the technology transfer, collaboration with the territory , dissemination of scientific culture. One of the main pillars of this mission is represented by promotion of innovation and applied research, with particular attention to the sectors of the three Departmental Faculties UCBM: Medicine and Surgery, Ingengineering and Sciences and Technologies for Sustainable Development and One Health.

Over the course of its 30 years of existence, the University has launched numerous collaborative projects with the business world, local institutions and the healthcare system. The creation of solid and synergistic partnerships has made it possible to promote the transferability of the scientific and technological knowledge developed within the University, thus translating academic discoveries into concrete solutions for society.

Furthermore, the Valorization of Knowledge is also manifested through a wide range of information and training activities aimed at the community: conferences, seminars, courses open to the public and cultural initiatives have contributed to spreading scientific culture, involving citizens, students and professionals. This inclusive approach aims to stimulate interest in research and foster a widespread understanding of scientific topics, promoting the awareness and active participation of society in the scientific debate.