In the field of innovation, theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma has achieved significant results in the field of patents and spin-offs, while consolidating partnerships with companies and adopting a proactive open innovation strategy. This integrated approach contributes not only to the growth of the University, but also to socio-economic development of the community and of the entire scientific and industrial ecosystem.

Patents e Spin-off

The University has recorded several successes in terms of patents, attesting to its vocation for scientific innovation. Research conducted by experts UCBM they brought to unique discoveries and developments, translated into patents which represent a tangible testimony of the constant commitment to the advancement of knowledge. At the same time, the University actively promoted the creation of spin-offs, enabling the transformation of ideas and discoveries into independent businesses. These Spin-offs, born from the academic fabric, exploit the know-how and skills acquired in the university environment to develop innovative solutions and transfer advanced technologies to the market. This synergy between academic research and business promotes the creation of new highly specialized jobs and contributes to the acceleration of innovation on a practical level.


Through strategic partnerships with companies in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and technology sectors, UCBM it facilitated the two-way flow of knowledge. This synergy allows companies to access cutting-edge academic resources and expertise, while the University benefits from the practical perspective and financial resources offered by the private sector.

Open innovation

Openness to innovation through the open innovation model has been a catalyst in the approach ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma. Sharing ideas, expertise and resources with external partners, including other academic institutions, research centers and companies, has made it possible to amplify the impact of research initiatives and accelerate the process of development and implementation of new scientific discoveries.