Quality assessment

The University Assessment Panel is a collegial body established in terms of the provisions of art. 5, clause 22 of Law n. 537/93 and governed by the provisions of Law  n. 370/1999 and Law n. 240/2010. It is also subject to the provisions of article 14 of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome’s Statutes.Panel members are appointed by the  University Council  with input from the Academic Council and the Panel consists of 5 members of elevated professional standing, chosen mainly from outside of the University, one of whom will act as Chairman. The members are elected for a 3-year term and may be re-elected for further terms.

The Campus Bio-Medico’s current Assessment Panel members were appointed by Rector’s Decree  16, dated 18/01/2011 and their appointments were extended by Rector’s Decree  16, dated 22/01/2014. The purpose of the Assessment Panel is to evaluate the University’s administration, its education and research activities, and the interventions in support of the right to education implemented by the University. The University is bound to grant the members of the Assessment Panel free access to any information, as well as the operational independence necessary for assessment purposes (Law n. 370/1999, art. 1).

Law n. 240/2010 and Presidential Decree n. 76/2010 bestow upon the University Assessment Panel the duty to verify the quality and efficacy of the University’s education, to verify its research activities and to ascertain the adequacy of the scientific or professional curricula of the contracted teaching staff in terms of the ANVUR’s operations, “in order to promote merit and the improvement of organizational and individual performance within universities, totally independently and using proprietary organizational methods”.

Panel Reports

Analysis of Student Opinions

Results of the processing of students’ opinions regarding educational activities