The Student Council consists of the elected representatives for each degree course. The Council has a dual function: on the one hand, to consult with and make proposals to the various University Bodies and Structures and, on the other hand, to coordinate the activities of the student representatives.


Cristina Madaudo

Student Council Chairperson, Medicine and Surgery - Second Triennium

Felice Forte

Deputy Chairperson, Medicine and Surgery - First Triennium

Andrea De Cicco Nardone

Industrial Engineering

Pasquale Terracina


Giacomo Giuseppe Sori

Medical Radiology and Radiotherapy Techniques

Giovanni Raul Talamo

Food Science and Human Nutrition - Triennial

Valentina Giacinti

Food Science and Human Nutrition - Masters

Davide Coppola

Biomedical Engineering

Melania Pattaro

Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development

Michele Moncelli

Schools of Specialization

Antonio Di Mauro

Research Doctorates