The 2-year Master’s Degree in Food Science & Technology and Supply Chain Management (120ECTS) trains experts in the production, transformation, distribution and food marketing process. According to a survey commissioned by UCBM in 2016, it is more evident for this type of professional figure, the need for skills related to sustainable production and quality of food but also to their nutritional enhancement and the dynamics of internationalization towards increasingly global markets.

 Therefore, the target is to train supply chain managers, who need the management processing skills of the entire chain, making converge with the enhancement of traditional Made in Italy.

Students will be able to acquire technical-scientific skills and food legislation and marketing as well as a strong competence to the issues of sustainability and the circular economy. They will be ready to work in the management and monitoring processes of the agri-food sector, food control, food and nutraceutical industries. Graduates will be able to enroll in the National Order of Food Technologists, after passing the state examination.