Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Radiology Imaging Techniques and Radiotherapy

The ever-increasing sophistication of medical equipment available in recent times has revolutionized diagnostic procedures and treatment options, thereby creating the need for professionals with specific technical skills. The objective of the Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Radiology Imaging Techniques and Radiotherapy (180 Corse Credits with mandatory participation) is to prepare professionals who are able to perform, either independently or with other healthcare professionals, any diagnostic and treatment intervention prescribed by the medical practitioner involving the use of ionizing radiation, heat and ultrasound energy, or magnetic resonance.

The three-year Course prepares students to either gain admission to read for a Master’s Degree or to enter the professional world, in a technical role, within an Imaging, Radiotherapy or Nuclear Medicine Diagnostics facility.

In addition to basic scientific subjects, the syllabus covers specific topics such as Imaging and Radiotherapy Diagnostic techniques, including the digitization, storage and transmission of the images obtained, as well as Imaging, Anthropology Healthcare, Physics, General Pathology and Oncology. Students can tailor their course of studies to include elective study activities that particularly interest them, up to a maximum of 6 Course Credits (single-topic courses, attendance at conferences and seminars, volunteering activities, voluntary additional internships, etc.).

The study program includes an internship, under the guidance of a professional tutor, which will develop the student’s ability to interact with other professionals in a team setting and help them acquire the human sensitivity necessary for relating to patients in an attentive and respectful manner.