Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery

The single sitting Masters Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery (360 Course Credits with mandatory participation) has the aim of forming professionals who are equipped with solid scientific skills and the human and cultural maturity necessary to respond to patient needs and expectations.

The training program consists of a theoretical part involving the basic sciences, clinical sciences and human sciences (anthropology, ethics and bioethics). From the third year onwards, students, under the constant guidance of a professional tutor, do an internship at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital and other Italian facilities. Furthermore, personal tutors are available to advise and guide students, also in regard to the lessons in class and preparation for examinations.

Students can tailor their study plan to include optional educational activities that particularly interest them, worth up to a maximum of 14 Course Credits (seminars, single-topic courses, participation in conferences and congresses, volunteering activities, clinical and laboratory internships both in Italy and abroad, etc.).