Master’s Degree program in Medicine and Surgery - Overview

This new international master’s degree program in Medicine and Surgery, taught in English, uses a multidisciplinary approach to train students to become doctors practicing in a diverse biomedical-social environment with interdisciplinary and intercultural professional skills. In line with the guiding principles of Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, teaching is entirely patient-centered and community-centered.

A deep knowledge of ethical issues is applied to the use of advanced medical technology to promote healthcare through a humanistic approach. Providing training with a strong international cultural component, the program takes into account the features characterizing today’s multi-ethnic society with its vast migrant population, paying special attention to diversity and the value of interreligious ialogue, to create the basis for understanding the cultural issues that impact healthcare professionals.

European and international standards

The core contents of the program fully integrate the European specifications for global standards in medical education defined in accordance with the World Federation on Medical Education concerning international basic standards and quality development of biomedical education (WFME Office, University of Copenhagen, 2007) and the Basic Medical Education WFME Global Standards for Quality Improvement - 2015 Revision (WFME Office Ferney-Voltaire, France Copenhagen, Denmark 2015).