Patent Portfolio owned by, or in joint ownership with, Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

  • A bioactive material for the regeneration of cartilage and process for the obtainement thereof (IT1411615, WO2013IB54372)
    Inventors: M. Centola, V.Denaro, A. Marsano, I. Martini, A. Rainer, M. Trombetta, G. Vadalà; co-owners:Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma with Universitatsspital Basel
  • Adipose tissue purification technique to obtain high concentration of adipose stem cells (IT102017000003805)
    Inventors: P. Persichetti, G. F. Marangi, F. Segreto F. Pantano, M.C. Tirindelli, C. Gregorj
  • A sampling device for the ocular surface based on imprinting (IT102015000008750, WO2016147122)
    Inventors: A. Micera, L. Zollo, B. Balzamino, I. Ghezzi, R. Sgrulletta. Co-owners: Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and Fondazione G. B. Bietti
  • Apparatus and method for videorhinohygrometric (vri) measures (EP2010054, US2009221927)
    Inventors: F. Salvinelli, R. Setola, M. Casale, P. Soda, V. Cusimano
  • Coronary shunt positioner (IT1410043) 
    Inventor: E. Covino; co-owners: Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and Assut Europe SpA
  • Device and method for controlled adhesion upon moist substrate (IT1409811; EP2806817, US 20140353158, WO2013111076)
    Inventors: D. Accoto, C. Esposito, M. T. Francomano
  • Device for sampling food products (IT0001416505, EP2962098, WO2014132185)
    Inventors: G. Pennazza, M. Santonico, A. Zompanti, M. Dachà, A. D’Amico
  • Diagnostic method of pancreas cancer based on the determination of mutations of K-RAS gene (IT0001417084)
    Inventors: A. Onetti Muda, G. Perrone
  • Haptic interface module (IT1399399)
    Inventors: D. Accoto, E. Cecchini, E. Guglielmelli
  • Locomotion device for endoscopic applications and related methods (IT1397408, US20130324796)
    Inventors: D. Accoto, S. Passanisi
  • Method for the fabrication of cell-laden constructs based on thermosensitive hydrogels (IT102015000020718) 
    Inventors: V. Chiono, P. Mozetic, S. M. Giannitelli, A. Rainer, M. Trombetta, M. Boffito E. Gioffredi, S. Sartori. co-owners: Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and  Politecnico di Torino
  • Method of measurement of the slippage between two surfaces (IT102016000105302)
    Inventors: R. Romeo, L. Zollo, E. Guglielmelli. Joint ownership with INAIL
  • Pneumopipe - Auxiliary device for collection and sampling of exhaled air (EP2641537)
    Inventors: G. Pennazza, M.Santonico, A. D’Amico, R. Antonelli Incalzi, M. Petriaggi
  • Porous material for the inclusion of cytology preparations, process for obtaining the material and its applications (IT102016000111352)
    Inventors: A. Crescenzi, M. Trombetta, C. Taffon, A. Rainer, P. Mozetic, M. Costantini, A. Santoro. Joint ownership with UCS Diagnostic srl
  • Positioning method of receptors for sensory input, device obtained by this method and apparatus comprising said device (IT102016000076248)
    Inventors: C. Oddo, R. Romeo, L. Zollo, L. Beccai, E. Guglielmelli, M. Chiara Carrozza. Joint ownership with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.
  • Robotic device for assistance and rehabilitation of lower limbs (IT1414072, EP2906172, US2015272809, SG11201502765W, CA2887671, CN104812352, IL238211 Israele, MX2015004478 Messico, KR20150077439, WO2014057410)
    Inventors: D. Accoto, G. Carpino, M. Di Palo, S. Galzerano, E. Guglielmelli, F. Sergi, N. L. Tagliamonte
  • Sodium 2 -Mercaptoethane Sulfonate for use in the treatment of lumbar pain (IT1402161, EP2629768, WO2012052888)
    Inventors:  F.E. Agrò, M. Carassiti, V. Denaro, A.C. Di Martino
  • System for the estimation of cardiac output (IT1408989, WO2013084159, EP20120815801)
    Inventors: M. Carassiti, S. Cecchini, E. Schena, S. Silvestri
  • Upper limb movement therapy device (IT1388838)
    Inventors: D. Accoto, E. Cecchini, E. Guglielmelli, M. Orsini, F. Torchiani, L. Zollo

Spin-Off companies accredited by Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

  • ICAN Robotics srl (
    Develops and markets robotic systems for rehabilitation.
  • JUMPO srl(
    Jumpo intends to carry out professional technology solutions for fitness and sport based on wearable sensors that make physical activity more fun and engaging for the user. Technology also allows the system to be applied in other areas such as recovery and rehabilitation.
    The company received start-up funding for its innovative activity from INVITALIA under the national program for innovative start-ups.