Education subsidies

In addition to granting study bursaries, the Right to Education Department also offers other kinds of financial assistance to deserving but financially disadvantaged students. These subsidies are paid out by the University, the Lazio Regional Administration and private companies with which the University has established collaboration agreements.

Subsidies for large families

Large families with at least three children under 26 years of age are granted a 10% discount on the full annual fee payable by the student. Students can apply for this discount by filling in the relevant form (available from the Student Administration Office) at the time of registration. The discount will be applied to the second instalment of the full annual fee.

Intesa Bridge Loans

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome has entered into an agreement with the Banca Intesa San Paolo that enables students to gain access to an innovative type of loan. This is a way of providing financial support without the need for any type of guarantee, so as to enable students to cover all their study costs without unnecessary added burden. For more information go to:

Special Agreements with the RUI Foundation

Each year the RUI Foundation and the Campus Bio-Medico University grant 10 study bursaries to deserving students registering for the first time for one of the Degree Courses offered by the University. To qualify, students must be in the top 20% of the candidate admission rankings for the course. The bursary provides an amount of €1,000 to be put towards covering Residence fees. Information regarding applications is available on this website and on the Rui Foundation website around the time that applications are open.

Laziodisu Competition

By agreement with Laziodisu, the Right to Education Department of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome runs a regional competition for the allocation of study bursaries. The level of financial need is rated according to the Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator (ISEE), while the level of merit is calculated on the basis of credits obtained in previous academic years. Applications are open in July of each year for the coming academic year, and students must submit their application in the mode prescribed in the announcement.