Seizing opportunities together

The University Career Services Office promotes exchange between studentsThe University Career Services Office promotes exchange between studentsand recent graduates of Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, encouragingperiods of study abroad. The University has set up a University-BusinessCommittee where an ongoing dialogue of comparison and consultationbetween the academic and professional worlds takes place to promote theconstant updating of study programmes, supporting research and helpingrecent graduates to be successful on the job market.


About Career Services

  • · It supports students and recent graduates in placement activities by identifying internships that allow them to complete their training and carry out a first work experience.
  • · It provides personalised counseling to students and recent graduates in the early stages of their career, helping them to improve their curricula in terms of layout and content as well as their professional cover letters, their professional profile on social networks and suggesting the best way to handle a job interview.
  • · It assists the students in the recruitment selection process, facilitating their integration into the labour market and supporting them during the following phases of growth and transition.
  • · It assists companies in the research, analysis and evaluation of suitable curricula. 
  • · It organises business presentations, business games, job days and thematic workshops at the University.