Quando 17 Giugno 2019 dalle 10:00 alle 11:00
Dove Aula R4 - PRABB

UCBM presents the Seminary of Doctor Soumyajyoti MajiSoumyajyoti Maji, Dept. Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Trinity College of Dublin.

Currently, gel-less electrodes are primarily employed in heart-rate monitors usedCurrently, gel-less electrodes are primarily employed in heart-rate monitors usedlargely in the field of sports and athletics. These devices only measure and displaythe value of the wearer’s heart-rate on a beat-to-beat basis. This information islargely used in an athletic training capacity rather than any clinical role. While thesedevices detect the ECG signal they do not preserve the morphology or profile ofthe signal which carries the clinical information on the state of the heart andcardiovascular system.

This makes it easier to detect only the presence of theheartbeat and to suppress interference and artefactual signals which aregenerated by the movement and vigorous activity of the wearer of the device.Electrical characterization of the electrodes will provide knowledge not alreadyavailable, which is essential for the correct interfacing of the electrodes with therecording amplifier.

The performance requirements of the recording amplifier andconditioning circuitry in a dry electrode scenario is an order of magnitude morestringent than is the case using standard adhesive electrodes. This seminar willprovide the suggestions and recommendations in developing dry ECG recordingsystem for ambulatory monitoring of the human electrocardiogram.

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