17 August - 4 September 2020 - Phygital Edition in collaboration with Cisco Networking Academy and Marzotto Venture Accelerator

The e-Bootcamp is an intensive 3-week programme with tutors, industry partners, hands-on project work culminating in an hackathon. This edition will be held in an innovative Phygital version, combining the best of the physical and the digital world. We have created a full-immersion experience with lots of time spent learning together and building a community. Tutoring and teamwork are essential parts of the programme. You will never be alone - it will be a community learning journey!


Complete Programme 


Who is the e-Bootcamp for?

The e-Bootcamp is especially designed for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, researchers and young professionals with a background in engineering and computer programming who want to add to their CVs an international experience complementing their degree(s) or want to start a career in IoT and AI.

What are the aims of the e-Bootcamp?

♦ To introduce participants to foundations of IoT and to the main tools and methods of Artificial Intelligence through lectures, seminars, group work and hands-on tutorials

♦ To provide practical experience using industry case-studies from our partner businesses through a week-long hackathon

♦ To give soft-skills training to develop communicationand presentation skills, time and project management skills, collaboration, leadership skills and team-working 


In order to secure your place in the bootcamp, please follow these instructions:

  1. Fill in the following Bootcamp Application Form
  2.  After filling in this form, you will receive an email with the step-by-step Payment Guidance
  3. Upon payment confirmation, you will receive the Enrolment Pack

To request information contact us at [email protected]


Intesa San Paolo and Rome Innovation Hub are generously funding 5 scholarships for international participants and 5 for Italian participants. If you meet the entry requirements and you are interested, please send us an email with your CV and a cover letter to see if you qualify.

Industry Faculty and Tutors

Designed in collaboration with academics and professionals in the forefront of the IoT and the AI world, this is a short and effective course based on experiential learning and practical activities. Our Academic Tutors will guide all the labs after each lecture, whilst our Industry Tutors will help the teams with their work to ensure the successful completion of the projects. Before and during the e-Bootcamp, participants will have a Cisco Networking Academy library of contents available on the Cisco Webex Training Platform.

IoT & AI Foundation Courses

Intense teaching and tutoring in the core technical subjects. Ideal to introduce participants to foundations of IoT and to the main tools and methods of Artificial Intelligence.

WEEK 1: IoT Networking week developed by Cisco Academy, using Cisco Packet Tracer simulation tool
WEEK 2: AI & Data Representation week designed in collaboration with our Advisory Board

Hackathon with Industry Case-Studies

WEEK 3: The teams will work with the help of our expert tutors to finding solutions to the case-studies provided by our industry partners.

20 hours of Lectures 

40 hours of hands-on Labs and Tutorials

18 hours of Transferable Skills Training

Transferable skills training integrated in the three weeks to complement the technical teachings in order to develop communication and presentation skills, time and project management skills, collaboration, leadership and team-working skills

Daily Teamwork and Hands-on Sessions

Team Presentations and Jury Panel

 Award Ceremony


The winning team will be awarded a 3-day “Tech-Tour” in Cambridge and London (UK) visiting our industry partners, networking, sharing insights and experiences with the most dynamic startup and tech-innovation communities in the world.

>> See also the 1st edition of the Bootcamp (2019)