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Call for proposals

Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma (hereinafter called the “University”) issues a call for proposals to promote young researcher independence and to foster the basis for the future research of the University.

The aim of this call for proposals is also to enhance the capabilities of young researchers to oversee and participate in International and National research programs.

The present call mainly targets Ph.D. students, Residents in Medicine and Surgery, and Post Doc Fellows.

At the date of the publication of the present call, the Principal Investigator (PI) must:

  • be under 35 years old
  • have a Master's Degree
  • not belong to permanent staff and not be Assistant Professor (e.g. in Italy RTD).

The funds available for this call for proposals amount to EUR 49.000, a maximum of two projects is expected to be funded with a flat rate of Eur 24.500 each, which can be used to cover PI contract or/and expenses of research activities.

In the case of an outstanding proposal presented by a PI not belonging to UCBM Ph.D. students with fellowship, UCBM Residents in Medicine and Surgery, UCBM Postdoc Fellows, or without a contract in force with UCBM within the call deadline, the whole budget of the call (49.000 Euro) might be used to fund a single project to cover PI contract and research activity expenses.

All proposals must be structured on a work plan with a one-year duration and must include all the information specified in the attached application form (Annex1_Proposal Template.doc file).

There are no restrictions related to the topic covered by the proposal, besides that it must fall within the topics of interest of one of the University Research Units (RU).

Indeed, the PI must perform the research within a RU of the Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma (from now on: the host RU). PIs shall indicate the percentage of their working time that will be dedicated to the project over the period of the grant.

The awarded funds must be used, without exceptions, within the deadline of the research project. Any remaining funds at the end of the research project shall be returned to the University by each RU unless otherwise authorized. Those funds will be transferred to the host RU and the Principal Investigator will approve and undersign any expense.

The funds awarded to the projects admitted to funding will be transferred in two payments: an advance payment corresponding to the 70% of the total project funding will be transferred at the beginning of the project; the second payment, for the remaining 30% of the overall funding, will be transferred at the end of the project. The second payment will be settled after a positive assessment of the project results with respect to the original goals and work plan carried out by the University Internal Evaluation Committee.

The funds received under this Call shall be spent mainly for carrying out activities in the University research facilities.

A maximum of 2.000 euros can be reserved for travel and a maximum of 3.000 for dissemination activities. No funds can be reserved for Institutions other than the Bio-Medical Campus of the University of Rome.

Each applicant can present only 1 project proposal.

The Head of the host RU where the research activity will be carried out must sign a Letter of Endorsement (Annex_2 Letter of endorsement.doc file), drawn up according to the form attached to this call for proposals. This letter could report a possible co-funding (maximum 12.250 Euro, which is 50% of grant) and it shall be enclosed to the documents submitted.

The proposal must be written in English, strictly in line with the attached application form (Annex1_Proposal Template.doc file). It is specifically recommended to comply with the maximum word and page limits, specified for each section of the application form.

The proposal (i.e. Annex 1 and Annex 2 attached files) must be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected].
>> The deadline for the submission is May 15, 2021, at 17:00.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process will be carried out in two phases:

i) a University Internal Evaluation Committee will select a shortlist made of the six best proposals among all the submitted projects. The Internal Evaluation Committee, can require an interview (in-person or video call) of all applicants. At this stage, the evaluation will be based on:

Scientific originality and quality of the project:
to what extent the objectives are ambitious and beyond the state of the art.
Maximum score 6 (the minimum threshold for this criterion: 5);

ii)The six selected projects will undergo an external reviewing process, made by two External Independent Experts for each proposal, who hold no current or previous research collaboration with both PI and any of the RUs involved in the proposals that entered in the shortlist.
Each External Independent Expert (EIE) will assign a maximum score of 16 points, according to the following criteria and the respective score:

1) Scientific originality and quality of the project:
to what extent the objectives are ambitious and beyond the state of the art.
Maximum score 6 (the minimum threshold for this criterion: 5);

2) Sustainability of the projects:
adequacy of the applicant's CV to the proposal, quality of the work plan, adequacy of the financial request, and of the host RU. The applicant's CV will be considered strictly in accordance with the applicant's years of career and role.
Maximum score 5 (the minimum threshold for this criterion: 3.5);

3) Expected impact of the project:
at a general level, in terms of scientific, industrial, clinical, and social effects, and at the University level in terms of effects that may strengthen research and clinical activities.
Maximum score 5 (the minimum threshold for this criterion: 4);

Each proposal receives a mean EIE score, corresponding to the mean of the scores assigned by each External Independent Expert. The minimum total threshold of mean EIE score for project eligibility to be funded is 13/16.

Based on the mean EIE score, the Internal Evaluation Committee shall draw up a ranking of project proposals and a recommendation for funding a maximum of two projects.

After the outcome of the work carried out by the Internal Evaluation Committee, the Academic Research Board, will notify each Principal Investigator through a written communication with the final evaluation report. The projects admitted to funding must begin their activities no later than 45 calendar days after the official communication.