Working together to reduce single-use plastic at UCBM

To mark the start of its thirtieth academic year, the university has announced the launch of the 'That's Life' campaign by handing out eco-bottles to the community.

Produced in collaboration with Emerald, A&A Assicurazioni and Altintech, these reusable water bottles are a gift from Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome to its employees and students, reiterating the university's commitment to protecting the planet. In order to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic on site, the university has also implemented a free water-supply system in recent months by installing self-service dispensers in common areas.

'That's Life' eco-bottles are one step further for the university on its journey towards achieving a shared goal: becoming a plastic-free institution. The message they promote is an ode to life and an invitation to become an advocate for a lifestyle focused on environmental sustainability – starting with small, everyday choices.

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