Daniele Bianchi


Daniele Bianchi has over 8 years of experience in the field of biomedical engineering research. He graduated in Biomedical engineering and hold PhD in biomechanics. His research activities concern the development of computational approaches for the simulation of the mechanical response of biological tissues in a patient-specific environment. The results of the research activity have been published in high-impact international journals and have been presented at prestigious international and national conferences.


His research activities concern the development of computational approaches for the simulation of the mechanical response of biological tissues in a patient-specific environment. It has recently focused on

- Biomechanics of soft tissues: constitutive modelling; modelling of tissue damage and remodelling; nano-micro-macro multiscale approaches; tissue multiscale mechanobiology

- Brain biomechanics: constitutive modelling of cerebral tissues; modelling of brain-shift effects; computational strategies for neurosurgery

- Biomechanics of bone tissues: constitutive modelling; modelling of tissue damage

- Biomechanics of dental system: periodontal ligament modelling; mechanics of restorative treatments; interaction between bone and prosthesis

- Biomedical imaging: image processing, ltering, denoising, registration and segmentation

Expert in Mechanics of biological tissues, Mathematical modeling, Computational Mechanics, Additive Manufacturing, orthopaedic orthoses.



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