Prof. Mauro Capocelli


Born in Naples in 1985. Graduated In Naples at Federico II University in 2009.

Married in 2018; he became father in 2020.


M. Eng. University of Naples Federico II in 2009 (cum laude),

PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2013, University of L’Aquila.

Internship at Coventry University (UK)

Internship/Research Assistant at University of Naples Federico II, University of L'Aquila, Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli

Assistant Professor at the University of Campus Bio-Medico of Rome (2015)

Associate Professor of Chemical Process Design (09/D3) at the University of Campus Bio-Medico of Rome (2020)

Lecturer of

- Integrated Production of Water & Energy,

- Introduction to Process Engineering,

- Advanced Chemical Plants

Tutor of Chemical Plants, Industrial Plants, Food Engineering


H index = 17. Selected pubilcations in 2015-2020:

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