Where to live?

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How much does it cost to live in Trigoria?

On average, a private room in a shared apartment may range from 350 to 500 euros per month.

The Office of Student Financial Aid helps students find the most suitable accommodation for their needs. 

The following is offered:

Student Housing
Lodgings are situated in the “Borgo Primo Centro” and are available to employees and students, with 21 private rooms. Borgo Primo Centro
60 Via di Trigoria (Via Alvaro del Portillo), 00128 Rome
Tel. +39 06-3400461 e 02-80016550 (Monday - Friday: 9 am - 6 pm)
[email protected]
The RUI Foundation welcomes both national and international students from all over the world, coming from more than five continents. The agreement between UCBM and the Foundation provides students with discounted rates according to family income. Furthermore, the Foundation has a canteen and a shuttle service, which takes students from the residence to our Campus and back.>> Call for applications RUI's Hall of Residence 2023/2024

Women's Residence Halls 
Porta Nevia University Residence

86/Q Via Laurentina, 00142 Rome
Tel. +39 06.59472.1
[email protected]
Celimontano University Residence
7 Via Palestro, 00185 Rome
Tel. +39 06.48905.902
c[email protected]

Men's Residence Halls

10 Via Sierra Nevada, 00144 Rome
Tel. +39 06.5421.0796
Tel. +39 06.5421.0196
[email protected]

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Domus Italia Student HousingLeased properties are available to our students in the Fonte Laurentina district, 3.5 km away from our Campus. A shuttle service is also offered. Two-room apartments are available and include a garage, an armored gate, and a video door phone. The area is surrounded by a green setting in the heart of Rome with bicycle paths nearby. Rental contracts are signed directly between Domus Italia and UCBM students. Location and contact information: 
Via Gaetano Scorza, 25 - Roma
Tel. +39 06.50684337
[email protected]