Prof. Marcello D'amelio

Professore Ordinario di Fisiologia Umana. Dal 2015 è Responsabile dell'Unità di Ricerca di Neuroscienze Molecolari e dal 2010 è Direttore del Laboratorio di Neuroscienze Molecolari. Dal 2019 al 2022 è stato Coordinatore della Ricerca della Facoltà Dipartimentale di Scienze e Tecnologie per l'Uomo e l'Ambiente.


Marcello D’Amelio,

Ph.D. in Neuroscience

M.Sc. in Clinical Experimentation


Current position

• Full Professor of Human Physiology, Medical School University Campus-Biomedico, Rome, (I);

• Research Coordinator of the Department of Medicine and Surgery

• Group leader at the Centro Europeo Ricerca sul Cervello (CERC) – I.R.C.C.S Santa Lucia Foundation IRCCS, Rome (I);

• Member of Scientific Committee, Centre of Molecular Nutrition for Sport (;

Current Research Interests

Analysis of synaptic and neuronal degeneration in rodent models of Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurological disorders; Apoptosis and Autophagy applied to neuroscience field.

Professional Society Membership

• Since 2003 Member of the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

• Since 2004 Member of the Society of Neuroscience

• Since 2010 Member of the Italian Society of Pharmacology

Editorial activity

• Associate Editor of Translational Research in Dementia;

• Member of Editorial Board of Neuromolecular Medicine, Scientific Reports;

• Guest Editor of Current Pharmaceutical Design

• Referee of Journal of Alzheimer’s disease, NeuroMolecular Medicine, Journal of Neuroscience Research, World Journal of Pharmacology, European Journal of Neurodegenerative diseases and Cell Death and Disease.


- Modulating synaptic neurotransmission to reactivate the immune reaction against brain tumors. MUR - PRIN 2020 – Role: Unit’s PI

- Dopamine loss and neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's Disease: two sides of the same coin?” Alzheimer Association, USA - AARG-21-851219; Role: Coordinator

- New natural neuroprotective molecules to slow the progression of AD” within the CurAlz Project POR A0375-2020-36665; Role: Co-Pi

- Beyond Amyloid Hypothesis: a novel approach to fight Alzheimer’s Disease, Fondazione Roma, Role: Coordinator

- Pharmacological and non-pharmacological recruitment of dopaminergic mesolimbic pathway in early AD; Farmindustria, Italy: Role: Coordinator

- Targeting dopamine neuronal loss in a model of Alzheimer’s Disease – Alzheimer Association, USA - AARG-18-566270, Role: Coordinator

- Ventral Tegmental Area dopaminergic midbrain: new therapeutic target in early Alzheimer’s Disease – Italian Ministry of Health RF-2028-1236552; Role: Coordinator


Autophagy enhancing compounds, peptides and peptidomimetic compounds for use in the treatment of neuronal diseases - PCT Patent 2012/076555.


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