The achievement of sustainable growth for the agri-food sector is also pursued thanks to the efficient use of resources and the ability to recover and valorise the by-products deriving from production processes, from a circular economy perspective, in order to contribute to the reduction of waste /waste, the conservation of natural resources, the production of foods with high added value, the recovery of compounds to be reused in food and pharmaceutical or cosmetic products and the promotion of technological development. The brewing supply chain lends itself to this purpose, supplying different types of raw materials with high nutritional and health value.

In this seminar, the compositional properties of various by-products of malting and beer production (barley malt rootlets, threshers, spent yeast, spent hops) will be highlighted, providing practical examples for their use in human nutrition deriving from numerous activities of research from different research institutions, including the development of an innovative product designed by students of the Bio-Medico Campus of Rome as part of the Ecotrophelia award.

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