How to access the Study Programmes

To the Study Courses ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma access is achieved via a specific admission procedure, which is defined by the relevant competition notice, available on the page  Admission exams of this site. The selection can consist of a written test (multiple choice test), or in the evaluation of the qualifications possessed by the candidates. For some procedures an oral interview is also foreseen.

They can participate in the admission procedures Degree courses (three-year) students in the last year of upper secondary school and those who already have a high school diploma. 

They can participate in the admission procedures Single-cycle master's degree courses (Medicine and Surgery, Medicine and Surgery and Medicine and Surgery "MedTech") students in the penultimate and last year of Higher Secondary School and those who already have a high school diploma.

For Degree Courses in IngIndustrial engineering and Food Science and Human Nutrition, specific tests are planned - called "School-University" - aimed at students of the penultimate year of high school. Also for these procedures, reference is made to the relative announcement of competition which is published annually on the page Admission exams of this site.

For the admission procedures to the Master's Degree Courses, which can be accessed by undergraduates and graduates, there are several assessment sessions based on qualifications, also designed to facilitate access for candidates from other universities. Each candidate must first verify that they possess the curricular requirements set out in the Call for applications for access to the Master's Degree Course of their interest.

Dates and procedures for registering for the admission procedures

The notices of competition, which regulate the methods and times of the admission procedures, and the online form for registering for the selections are published annually on the page of this site. Registration for the admission procedures takes place exclusively online and is possible only after the publication of the Call.

Prepare for the admission tests

L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma does not organize or promote preparation courses for admission tests. The only useful information is that indicated in the relevant competition announcement.

To face the written test, we recommend an in-depth study of the disciplines covered by the test, specified in the Call for applications (for example Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics for admission to courses in medicine and the health professions). To this end, reference can be made to the textbooks of the High Schools. It may be useful to perfect your preparation with texts specifically dedicated to the university entrance tests which, in addition to a theoretical part, offer the possibility of practical exercises also on logic questions, which constitute an important part of the written test. 

For the improvement of the initial preparation of candidates, theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma offers a simulation of the admission tests for the following degree courses:

  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Medicine and Surgery (in lingua inginjured)
  • Courses of the Health Professions (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medical Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiotherapy)

The simulator is accessible from the online competition registration platform for users registered for the tests.

Transfers from other Universities for years following the first

Transfers from other Universities are allowed, limited to the available places, defined annually in the relevant Call for applications published on the page Transfers of this site.

Admission of international students

The following can participate in the admission procedures:

  • EU citizens wherever they reside
  • non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy
  • non-European Union citizens residing abroad who require a visa ingstayed in Italy for long-term stays (

These candidates can participate in the admission procedures if they have obtained or will obtain (in the school year of the admission procedure) a Higher Secondary Education Diploma or other qualification obtained abroad valid for access to universities in the country of origin.

For candidates who have obtained a qualification pertaining to a foreign system, the qualifications are considered valid if obtained after at least 12 years of schooling, provided they are accompanied by the DichiaraCertificate of Value issued by Italian diplomatic missions or by certification issued by the Italian ENIC-NARIC center (CIMEA).

In the event that the local school system provides for 11 or 10 years of schooling, the qualification is valid only if integrated with one or two years of University and the passing of all the exams foreseen for the years attended. To this end, the path is also recognized Foundation Year ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, after passing the relevant exams.