Students of Medicine and Surgery, Engineering and Sciences and Technologies for Sustainable Development and One Health in the same place

  • THEUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma is a international academic reality, immersed in the greenery of Park of Decima Malafede, with state-of-the-art facilities it's about 3.000 sqm dedicated to Research. Thanks to the presence of Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital, it is the 'the only Italian university that trains students of the faculties of Medicine and Surgery in the same place, Ingengineering and Sciences and Technologies for Sustainable Development and One Health, cultivating continuous interactions between them. Over 70% of research projects are interdisciplinary.
  • The University is located at second place among all Italian universities for the results of Research in 'area of ​​biological sciences (Anvur report, February 2017) and at fourth place in areas of Chemical Sciences and Ingindustrial and information engineeringe. Regarding the singscientific-disciplinary sectors, research UCBM reaches the first place in Orthopedics, the second in Neurology and achievement third in BioingIndustrial engineering, IT, Diagnostic Imaging e Radiotherapy e Anatomical Pathology. Both as regards the average evaluation of the products and the ratio between excellent and high quality products, the indicators used in the evaluation by Anvur are for UCBM above the national average. A data valid both in general at university level and for the singole departmental faculties.

Imagine a university where professors know you by name

  • Il ratio between university professors and students is 1 to 14 e all the teachers regularly carry out tutorial teaching activities. An active learning method, typically Anglo-Saxon, designed to help and motivate each student according to their particular needs.
  • Each student is followed by a personal tutor which directs him to identify the resources and potential he has to develop his own learning skills. The tutor helps the student to face different phases of the university path, framing them in a broader motivational and value context. The personal tutoring relationship is therefore also an opportunity for dialogue to deepen self-knowledge, understood as a personal style with respect to the course of study and professional future. L'professionalizing action of the tutor is aimed at guiding students for choices relating to their professional future and the most effective entry into the world of work. In particular, it provides an orientation to develop Soft Skills. In the context of teaching, however, there is the figure of the discipline tutor, a teacher available to provide insights and clarifications to students who need them individually or in small groups.
  • In addition to the tutoring service, there is also that of counseloring, thought of as support for those experiencing situations of temporary hardship (for example significant states of anxiety before exams or feelings of loneliness due to being away from home) and would like to talk about it with expert people.
  • Each student has the opportunity to operate within the research laboratories, in the context of international projects in various fields ofingengineering: from robotics to sensor design, from the development of biomaterials to nanotechnologies and the Internet of Things.

Imagine a University where thinking about the future is less scary

  • The employment rate of graduates UCBM one year after obtaining the master degree is equal to 80,7% against a national average of 75,7% (Almalaurea 2022 data): the Career Service Office, through the University-Business Committee, is constantly in contact with companies operating in the chemical, engineering, industrial production, nutraceutical sectors , of the transformation, preservation and distribution of food, collective catering, food quality control and production chains, with the aim of offering its students the opportunity for internships as well as, over time, a training course suitable for evolution of the labor market. The employment rate of UCBM graduates, after five years from the degree instead is equal to 94,3% also in this case well above the national average which is 89,9%.
  • UCBM students stand out for the regularity of their studies with a percentage of 74,9% against a national average of 51,1% (Almalaurea data): having the centrality of the person among its founding values, the University takes care of following each student individually, guaranteeing them an educational experience aimed at their cultural, professional and human growth .

Imagine a University that allows you to grow at 360°

  • Each student, through the International Office, has the opportunity to use the Erasmus+ programme for mobility within the European Union for purposes of study and training. All students can also spend periods abroad for the purpose of the thesis, while those of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery can also perform there apprenticeships. UCBM promotes knowledge of lingue foreigners through certification test preparation courses and the Face to Face Tandem Program.
  • Upon completion of the scientific training, UCBM also offers numerous cultural activities (theater and choral singing courses, cultural visits...), sports (basketball, rugby, football, volleyball, runninging, skiing, sailing...), social (volunteering in Rome and abroad) and of international cooperation. Every year there's also the event Campus' Got Talent.
  • Alumni e families represent a distinctive element and are part of the University's educational focus. The dedicated projects aim at making Alumni and Families protagonists of the UCBM world and create a "community" to listen to advice, share ideas and growth prospects, reserve conventions, events and exclusive initiatives.