Professional orientation

The University Career Service Office promotes contact with students and recent graduatesUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma with the professional world, encouraging both the alternation of moments of study and work and the meeting between supply and demand of professional opportunities. The Office assists and supports students and recent graduates in finding an internship and/or a job suited to their training. The University can also count on the support of the Committee UCBM-Enterprises for continuous interaction between the academic and professional worlds.

Activities and support for the search for opportunities

The service supports students and recent graduates in defining their own professional project through the assessment of individual potential, highlighting technical-professional and aptitude skills. The support activity for the active job search is developed through:

  • Classroom seminars on useful topics when submitting an application such as CV design and personal brand techniquesing to present yourself to companies effectively, simulate job interviews, etc.
  • Personalized advice to students and recent graduates in the early stages of their professional career, with the aim of making structural and content improvements to CVs and motivation letters; development of one's own professional profile through social networks; guide to conducting a job interview.
  • Support to the student and recent graduate from the selection process, to entering the world of work and subsequent moments of transition and professional growth.

Mediation activity between demand and offer of professional opportunities

  • Dissemination of curricular, non-curricular and job internship opportunities that allow students and recent graduates to enrich their training and professional career through University bulletin board with reserved access and email activitying.
  • Assistance to companies in the research, analysis and evaluation of the curricula of our students and recent graduates to facilitate the match between open positions and ideal profiles.
  • Organizing Corporate Events:
    - meeting activities with the professional world
    - Corporate Coffee, debates between students and leading exponents of the world of work to learn about their training and professional growth, the experiences and skills gained and get suggestions on the professional path to take
    - Job day, day dedicated to the world of work, aimed at promoting direct meetings between students, recent graduates and companies through company presentations and individual interviews, at the University.
  • Management of administrative practices relating to curricular and non-curricular internships in the non-healthcare/clinical field for students and recent graduates of theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.