The Philosophy and Science Advisory Board represents an exchange of ideas with the aim of initiating a habitual and structured way of collaboration.

The desire of the Consult membersing Committeee is to be able work in synergy, side by side, with the teachers ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, so that the Committee can be perceived as an opportunity for mutual enrichment.

Formed by personalities of high cultural depth, with a consultancy function for the Rector and the Academic Senate, turns on lines of development of themes considered fundamental for UCBM with the prospect of becoming an authoritative point of reference in the contemporary debate about the great challenges.

"Faced with the threat that is more present than ever today of an irreducible split between faith and reason, the university community is required to have a capacity for thinking, capable of generating a culture truly worthy of a reason worthy of man". 
Rome, January 28, 2022 memory of Saint Thomas Aquinas

With this initiative we intend to contribute to a new humanism, developed by men and women of science.