Support from enrollment to graduation

The student secretariat takes care of all the administrative procedures concerning the university career, from enrollment to graduation:

  • has the task of managing the entrance exams and all the procedural parts, from online enrollment to the final ranking and matriculation
  • manages the procedures for incoming and outgoing transfers and the enrollment procedures for the years following the first
  • prepares the Mav relating to the payment of fees and contributions, informing students of deadlines with an e-mail reminder
  • creates and distributes the university booklet and personal badge for the student
  • follows the student's career and exam sessions. Take care of enrollment in the tests and inform students via notice on the appropriate notice boards on how to book (online or on paper)
  • supports students on internships and traineeships and has the task of managing enrollment and career certifications by issuing them through the counter or online
  • organizes the graduation sessions and the creation of the final diploma, also publishing the appropriate forms for the student's needs.

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