Support from enrollment to graduation

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The student secretariat is responsible for managing students' careers from enrollment to graduation.
It is the reference structure to turn to for:

  • General informations
  • Career control and changes (steps, transfers, interruptions, etc.)
  • Registration fees (payments, refunds, etc.)
  • Certificates

Before contacting the Secretariat we invite you to:

Before writing an email to the secretary...

Before writing to your secretary we recommend you follow these simple instructions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

  • Use your UNICAMPUS account - Using your institutional email ([email protected]) it will be easier to identify you and respond quickly to your requests.
  • Enter the topic of your request in the subject of the email - A specific object helps us to immediately identify your need and adequately manage the requested service. 
  • Write only one message - We respond to all emails we receive in chronological order and according to the timescales necessary to provide a comprehensive response. Sending multiple messages or sending them to multiple recipients at the same time for the same request does not get you a faster response but does congest our service. 
  • Don't use certified e-mail - Do not send PEC messages to the Secretariat's email address because it is not possible to reply from an ordinary email to a PEC. The communication channels with your student secretariat are exclusively those listed in the contact box on your secretariat page.
  • Sign your message - Even if you write from the institutional email it is always good practice to include your name, surname and serial number at the bottom of the email. For all information of an educational nature (lesson timetable, teacher reception, training courses...) you can contact the teaching secretariat of your Faculty.

For all information of an educational nature (lesson timetable, teacher reception, training courses...) you can contact the teaching secretariat of your Faculty [Teaching Secretariats]

Contacts and Reception Times

Student Secretariat
Via Alvaro del Portillo, 21 00128 – Rome (RM)
PRABB, floor 0
Phone +39 06225419044
Fax + 39 06225419091
[email protected]
[email protected]

Medicine and Surgery / Physiotherapy
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm
[email protected]
Phone +39 06225419042

Medicine and Surgery
Monday and Wednesday 09:00 am – 12:00 pm / Tuesday 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm
[email protected]
Phone +39 06225419074

Medicine and Surgery 'MedTech' / Medical radiology imaging and radiotherapy/nursing techniques
Tuesday and Friday: 9.00 - 12.00 / Wednesday: 14.00 - 16.00
[email protected]
Phone + 39 06 22541 9197

Faculty of Engineering
Wednesday: 9.00 - 12.00 / Thursday and Friday: 14.00 - 16.00
[email protected]
Phone + 39 06 22541 9047

Faculty of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development and One Health
Tuesday: 9.00 - 12.00 / Monday and Friday: 14.00 - 16.00
[email protected]
Phone + 39 06 22541 9043

During the studies

>> Curriculum and Study Plan

The Study Plan of each student includes compulsory activities, any training activities foreseen as optional and activities chosen independently, in compliance with the constraints established by the Course Classes and the Teaching Regulations.

The Study Plan is valid and can be approved only where the set of activities contemplated in it corresponds to the constraints established by the Classifications of Study Courses and the Teaching Regulations and involves the acquisition of a number of credits no less than that required for obtaining the title. Please refer to the Teaching Secretariat regarding the compilation rules and related deadlines

>> Final exam and sessions

The qualification is awarded upon passing a final test, the methods of carrying out which, normally linked to the presentation by the student of a written paper, are regulated in the Teaching Regulations of the Study Course (Statute and Regulations - UCBM (

When is the next graduation session scheduled and where can I check the deadlines and procedures for registering for the graduation exam?

You can check the deadlines and registration methods on the Esse3 message board on the page

Noticeboard in the Teaching Structure Area, UNICAMPUS University

>> Profit exams

  • How can I register for an exam? To register for an exam date you need to access your personal area on Esse3, on the HomePage you will see all the available exam sessions. In order to register for an exam, the course must be present in the study plan and attendance must have been completed, acquired automatically at the end of the course lessons where applicable. Check that the course you want to take the exam for is present in the online booklet and that the booking deadlines are open; all appeals with related deadlines can be consulted on the Appeals Noticeboard on Esse3 Appeals Noticeboard, UNICAMPUS University. Failure to pay university fees and late fees, as well as any administrative irregularities, prevent registration for the exam. In case of difficulties or problems during registration, promptly contact the Student Secretariat of your degree course.
  • Deadline for registering for an exam - Registration for an exam must be carried out within five days prior to the official date of the appeal through the personal page of Esse3. Even in the case of integrated courses it is mandatory to book on the official exam date, which can be consulted in your personal area or in the Appeals notice board. (e.g.: Clinical Medicine 1 exam: official date 5 September; module 1 date, 10 September; oral date + verbalisation, 15 September. The date for which it is mandatory to book, is the only one that will appear in your personal area on Esse3 will be the date of September 5th; by booking on the official date you will be able to access all the other exam dates, it is also the only reservation that will allow you to register on September 15th). The request to register for the exam after the indicated deadline cannot be accepted.
  • Cancel registration for an exam - It is possible to cancel registration for an exam up to the day before the exam date by accessing the personal page.
  • Exam Calendar - Appeals Noticeboard link Appeals Noticeboard, UNICAMPUS University.
  • Reporting of results - The verbalization of the results takes place in the presence of the student, the student must have his/her paper booklet with him. For oral exams, the verbalization of the result occurs at the same time as the exam is taken. For exams in written form, the verbalization takes place after the result has been communicated to the student for acceptance. 
    The results of the recorded exams will be visible in the electronic booklet on Esse3.
  • How can I collect the degree parchment? It is possible to collect the degree parchment and/or the qualification diploma during the usual office hours by presenting a valid identification document. If you need to delegate another person, a photocopy of your document with the written delegation signed by the delegating person will suffice.

>> Taxes and Contributions

In order to complete enrollment and enrollment it is necessary to pay the annual fee of the single contribution together with the regional tax for the right to university study.

  • How much does it cost to study atUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma - The amount of taxes is set annually by the Board of Directors, the Taxes and Contributions regulation can be consulted in the "Taxes and Contributions" section of the website: Taxes and contributions - UCBM (
  • What happens if I am late with an installment payment - Failure to pay the single contribution within the terms established by the regulation entails the application of a late payment equal to: 2% of the amount of the installment for payments made within 30 days of the due date; 10% of the installment amount for payments made more than 30 days after the due date.
  • Discount request forms:
    > Students from large families (with at least 4 dependent children under 26) benefit from a 20% reduction in the single contribution expected annually. To take advantage of the reduction it is necessary to submit the form present here no later than October. The request must be renewed every year by submitting the form to the Student Secretariat. The reduction is applied to the third installment and cannot be combined with other University deductions or scholarships.
    > Students coming from the same family unit benefit from a 20% reduction in the single contribution expected annually for enrollment in degree courses, starting from the second brother/sister enrolled. To take advantage of the reduction it is necessary to submit the form present here no later than October. The request must be renewed every year by submitting the form to the Student Secretariat. The reduction is applied to the third installment and cannot be combined with other University deductions or scholarships.

    These deductions do not apply to students with part-time enrollment and, in the case of double enrolment, the deduction is applied only to the first enrolment.
  • Payment via PagoPA - Please remember that the only method that can be used for the payment of university contributions is the PagoPA bulletin available on your personal Esse3 page.

>> Certificates

  • Certificate or Self-Certification? In relations with public administration bodies and managers of public services, certificates and affidavits are always replaced by self-certifications, as per regulation Ln183/2011*. To be valid, self-certifications must always be signed in original by the interested party and presented together with a copy of the valid identity document. The interested party (ofchiarante) is personally responsible for the content of its contentschiarations that may be subject to control by the receiving administration.
  • How can I request a certificate? Where it is not possible to carry out a self-certification, each student within their reserved Esse3 area is authorized to print certain types of certificates on plain paper for uses in which the affixing of a revenue stamp is not required.
    > Certificate of registration
    > Registration Certificate with Exams
    > Taxes paid per calendar year
    > Achievement of Title
    > Achievement of Title with Exams

    If a certificate on legal paper is required, it is possible to go to the student secretariat during office hours, with a 16 euro revenue stamp.

Diploma Supplement and Graduation Parchment

  • The Diploma Supplement, or Diploma Supplement, is an official document that accompanies a diploma or higher qualification. It provides detailed information on the nature, content and level of studies completed by an individual. The Diploma Supplement serves as an additional tool to guarantee the clarity and transparency of qualifications, facilitating the recognition of academic qualifications nationally and internationally.
    To request the release of the Diploma Supplement, please send an email to the Student Secretariat of your degree course.
  • It is possible to collect the degree parchment and/or the qualification diploma during the usual office hours by presenting a valid identification document and a 16 euro revenue stamp. If you need to delegate another person, a photocopy of your document with the written delegation signed by the delegating person will suffice. Also in this case the 16 euro tax stamp is required.

Registrations, transfers, waivers and transfers


How can I enroll and what documents are required for enrolment?

The merit rankings are published by Rector's Decree and can be consulted on the competition web pages: Degree Course Admissions - UCBM (

Following the publication of the ranking, the successful candidates will enroll by following the "enrollment instructions" which will be published by the date defined for the opening of enrollment on the competition web page accessible from: Degree Course Admissions - UCBM (

Eligible candidates are informed of the assignment of any remaining places by means of a public notice on the competition web page, Degree Course Admissions - UCBM (

In the presence of remaining places, the publication of the aforementioned notice by the university will normally take place on Tuesdays and Fridays (with the exception of public holidays in Italy). The notice contains the date from which, if places are available, candidates in the positions in the ranking indicated in the same notice can proceed to accept the place offered to them.


How can I move?

Transfer in

It is possible to transfer to master's and three-year degree courses, subject to available places, if enrolled in the same degree course at another Italian or foreign university. Admission to the aforementioned courses is subject to selection through the University transfer procedure as explained in the specific Notices available on the page

Transfers - UCBM (

For Single Cycle Degree courses in Medicine and Surgery (LM-41) the transfer to ingThis is possible only in the 2nd and 3rd year of the course.

Recognition of credits

Can I carry out a preventive acknowledgment of credits?

It is not possible to recognize credits prior to enrolment.

Once enrolled, after passing one of the admission tests, the student can request the recognition of credits acquired during previous academic careers. At the beginning of each academic year, the Student Secretariat requests the documentation relating to the exams for which recognition is requested, i.e. the certification of the exams taken and related detailed programmes.

The recognition of credits or exams taken does not affect the duration of the courses.

Transfer out

Can I carry out a preventive acknowledgment of credits?

The transfer request can be submitted by students to the Student Secretariat from 1 September to 31 December.

The transcription fee payable by students who transfer to another University amounts to €70,00.

When submitting the transfer application (form downloadable here), the student must be in compliance with the decree published on the page

Taxes and contributions - UCBM (

Subject to acceptance by the other University, it is necessary to write to the Student Secretariat sending the authorization for the transfer or proving admission.

It is possible to request a transfer to another University only starting from the 2nd year of the course.

Under no circumstances will it be permitted to request a transfer during the 1st year.

Registration to the singCorsican oils

The student can submit a request to enroll in courses to the Student Secretariatingoils, by sending the downloadable form here (insert form link) for a maximum number of 2 per academic year, choosing from the educational offer active at the University in the relevant academic year.

The cost of each course singolo, for students not enrolled in UCBM, is set at €1.000.

Foreign university students enrolled at foreign universities are allowed to follow singthe courses activated at the University and to take the relevant exams, receiving regular certification, including an indication of the training credits obtained.

Part-time student enrollment

Part-time students are entitled to a reduction in contributions equal to 40% of the taxation foreseen for the course of study. The reduction in contributions applies starting from the year of part-time enrollment and is in no case retroactive.

Contemporary registration

Simultaneous registration is permitted, even at different universities, in:

  • 2 degree courses, master's degrees, specially regulated schools or institutes, institutions of higher artistic, musical and dance education.
    The study courses must:
    • belong to different bachelor's or master's degree classes
    • have common routes up to a maximum of one third. If the two study courses have a different number of credits, for example if one enrollment is in a three-year degree (180 credits) and the other in a master's degree (120 credits), the overlap of the two courses can be at most of 40 CFU.
  • 1 bachelor's or master's degree course and 1 master's, research doctorate or specialization course, with the exception of medical specialization courses
  • 1 PhD or master's course and 1 non-medical specialization course
  • for simultaneous enrollment in a research doctorate course and a medical specialization course, article 2 of Ministerial Decree 930/2022 applies, pursuant to which the
    contextual attendance of doctoral courses and medical specialization schools is regulated by the
    autonomy regulations of the singole University in compliance with the specific conditions established;

If one of the two study courses requires compulsory attendance, enrollment in a second study course which does not have attendance obligations is permitted.

Give up your studies

How can I opt out?

It is possible to submit an application to withdraw from studies by completing the relevant form which can be downloaded here:
Download PDF

attaching to the form a photocopy of your valid document. The waiver will be effective upon sending via PEC to the address [email protected]

In the event that a student already enrolled in a degree course on the Biomedical Campus withdraws, the application must be accompanied by the return of the recognition badge and the relevant university booklets.

In case of withdrawal from studies, the university does not require the payment of any service fee, nor any unpaid and/or future fees.


  • Loss of University Badges or Booklets
    How can I request a duplicate in case of loss? It is possible to obtain a duplicate of the badge or university booklets by notifying the Student Secretariat and paying the relevant late payment established by university decree, which can be consulted on the page. Taxes and Contributions (insert link to the taxes and contributions page). The late payment will be visible in your personal Esse3 area, in the "Payments" section and will be payable exclusively via PagoPA.
  • Student Email
    I can no longer access my student email address. I can no longer access e-learning. How can I solve it? For problems accessing your inbox or accessing the e-learn platforming it is possible to contact the University Information Systems Office by writing from another mailbox to the address [email protected].