To play is to get involved

“It is important that sport remains a game! Only if it remains a game is it good for the body and the soul. And precisely because you are sporty, I invite you not only to play, as you already do, but there is something more: to get involved in life as in sport. Get involved in the search for the good, without fear, with courage and enthusiasm".(Pope Francis, Meeting for the 70th anniversary of the CSI)

Sports activities

Training, tournaments, competitions. University life is also made up of sporting activities, which are moments of leisure, friendship and personal growth. From football to sailing, from volleyball to running, from basketball to skiing, both individual sports and team sports are practiced. In the section dedicated to each discipline you can find the initiatives promoted and how to participate.

Cultural and recreational activities

Every year, within the "Sport and Culture Week" of the University, the Association promotes a Sports conference. Many professionals have taken part in this initiative to date: from Gianni Rivera to Manuela Di Centa, from Bruno Conti to Simone Perrotta, from Morgan De Sanctis to Rudi Garcia.

Campus Bio-Medico Amateur Sports Association

It was born in September 2011 to promote the development and dissemination of sports among students, teachers, employees and alumni of the University. The Association is a sports organization recognized by CONI. It is chaired by a Governing Council which is made up of five members: 

  • President: Paolo Massimo Campogrande
  • Secretary Treasurer: Michele Gavasci
  • Board Member: Viviana D'Alaimo
  • Board Member: Andrea Zelli
  • Board Member: Sveva Schiazzano (representing the students) 
  • Honorary President: P. Parisi


If you are interested in participating, join the Association at the Sportello dello Sport by handing in the medical certificate of fitness for sporting activity.

Insurance and accidents

All members who participate in tournaments organized by the Sports Association benefit from accident insurance. In case of injury it will be necessary to go to the emergency room within 24 hours and deliver within 2 days the following documents at the Sportello dello Sport at the Right to Study Office, on the days and at the office hours:

  1. Accident report
  2. Copy of identity document
  3. Emergency Department report

To close the file, it will then be necessary to deliver the medical certification attesting recovery to the Sportello dello Sport, attaching a copy of all the expenses incurred.