Published i EU4Health “Crisis Preparedness” calls

1.      EU4H-2024-PJ-01-1 (CP-g-24-10)Call for proposals on the European Hub for vaccine development (HERA)

2.      EU4H-2024-PJ-01-2 (CP-g-24-11)Call for proposals for next-generation respiratory protection (HERA)

3.      EU4H-2024-PJ-01-3 (CP-g-24-12)Call for proposals to support innovative manufacturinging technologies and processes in the Union for medicines production (HERA)

4.      EU4H-2024-PJ-01-4 (CP-g-24-105)Call for proposals to support the development of novel antivirals (HERA)

Total budget: € 149 000 000

Deadline for submitting proposals: 5 September 202405:00 pm