Medicine and Ingengineering at the service of man

Our University's commitment to helping developing countries is undoubtedly in the very roots of the university identity: growth and transmission of knowledge at the service of man. Through university development cooperation, theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma it trains professionals capable of playing increasingly active roles in the transformations of society, both in the North and in the South of the world. Cooperative activities introduce students to the big problems facing society that future leaders have a responsibility to address. 


L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma offers students the opportunity to participate in health-food assistance and education activities, inter-university research programs and projects for the construction of infrastructures of social interest in developing countries. Workcamps are organised, particularly in the summer months, in countries on the African continent and in Latin America.

Professionalizing workcamps "Capacity building for promotioning human help"

They are experiential courses for students, accompanied by teachers, employees or healthcare personnel of UCBM. They aggregate at least 15 people in interventions distributed over several periods of the year and over several years. 

Professionalizing workcamps "Capacity building for advanceing social impact and progress"

They are experiential paths of students, teachers, employees or healthcare personnel of UCBM implemented to transform specific contexts in developing countries in a significant way. They aggregate at least 15 people in interventions distributed even over several periods of the year and over several years in order to measure the social impact systems through predefined indicators shared with the University Development Cooperation and Volunteering Committee. The ois teamingoils interact with the institutional settings of the host country and with the representatives of local research bodies or universities.

Preparatory courses

Participants in the workcamps attend preparatory courses in advance, defined according to the context by the proponents. The companions, in turn, attend the "train the trainers" courses provided by expert staff in the field of cooperation both internal to UCBM both external and the choice of trainers is evaluated from time to time by the University Cooperation for Development and Volunteering Committee, in agreement with the Academic Senate.