Collaborate in research and development of advanced robotic technologies. This is the main objective of the three-year agreement stipulated betweenUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and the National University of Singaporeapore. To sign the Memorandum of Understanding the Rector UCBM, prof. Eugenio Guglielmelli and the Dean of the College of Design & Engineering NUS, prof. Kie Leong Teo.

The main planned joint activities include research projects, mobility of staff and students, participation in international seminars and conferences in the field of robotics. In particular, the collaboration will focus on several thematic areas, including robotics for diagnosis, surgery and rehabilitation, wearable robotic systems, and, bio-robotics, human-machine interfaces, development guidelines of robotics for health, intelligent hospitals, ethics applied to robotics, collaborative robotics, industrial robotics and for agritech.

"The collaboration with the National University of Singaporeapore which is investing heavily in the development of innovative training courses and research centers focused on robotics, will certainly contribute to further growth of our University in this area at an international level" has ofchiarato the Rector Guglielmelli.