Between determination and humility: the secrets of the FCA top manager's success

24 May 2019 - Determination, courage, hard work and a pinch of humility. These are the ingredeemed by the success of Luciano Massone, top manager of FCA, guest of the Business Café promoted by the Career Service ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma with the aim of bringing students closer to the world of work.

“Healthy and serene aggression, this is my motto”, Massone said during the event, adding that: “you can't think of winning a regatta if you're uncertain about how to tack. There is no time to think, even a few seconds can lead to defeat. You have to play attack, without getting caught up in shyness”.

Originally from Abruzzo, Luciano Massone joined FIAT in 1981 as Manpower Manager, holding positions of increasing responsibility until he became World Class Manufacturing & Projects Director for the EMEA Region in 2014.

Between one anecdote and another, Massone also read the letter of employment written by Marchionne that managers still receive today when they join the FCA team: "It's one ofchiaration of love, where expectations are necessarily high, but which gives the idea that we are part of something exclusive,” he said with a touch of emotion.

Finally, interviewed by the students, he confessed that he continues to study every day and accepts that mistakes can be made in life: "The secret is to immediately admit that you have made a mistake, so that you can fix the mistake as soon as possible . Then you always have to share everything with your team, analyze what happened and find a strategy to prevent it from happening again."