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Rector's decree n. 29/2024
Available places70
Notice of available places (MURAA assignment 2024/2025) /
Application opening 13 May 2024
Online registration deadline 22 August 2024, 13.00 pm
Test of lingItalian ua (only for non-EU students residing abroad) /
WRITTEN TEST 2 September 2024
Written test in presence in Rome
List of candidates admitted to the written test /
MERIT RANKINGBy 6 September 2024

Please note that for any information, only what is reported in the Call for Admission

SCHOLARSHIPS for academic year 2024/2025

In the context of Ordinary Session, the first winning candidate in the ranking of Degree Course in Physiotherapy is added, with ISEE Right to Education not exceeding €45.000 (forty-five thousand/00), will be awarded with 1 (one) Scholarship equal to 100% of the single university contribution for the legal duration of studies (three years). This scholarship is financed byUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and reserved for Italian, EU and equivalent candidates. The methods and terms of acceptance of the benefit, as well as the requirements for maintaining it in the course years following the first, are indicated in Annex A of this Notice. The candidate awarded the scholarship, under penalty of forfeiture, must formally accept the benefit by 11 September 2024, as specified in the following article 8 and in note 4.