Our mission: Science committed to the individual

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome offers students a dynamic learning experience that encourages cultural, professional and personal growth, while promoteing the acquisition of skills in a service-oriented spirit.

It offers a training environment where teaching, research and healthcare take place in asinglocations with interconnected facilities; where the well-being of the individual is the ultimate aim of all activities, and where you learning is fostered by an interdisciplinary approach to science and research in all areas related to patient care.

Key features of the program in Medicine and Surgery

  • Inter-professional education: fostering understanding of how medical conditions affect patients and their social and family environment.
  • Solid educational background in basic sciences: provideding a broad knowledge of the biologically complex structures and functions of the human organism under physiological conditions.
  • Solid educational background in human sciences (Anthropology, Ethics, and Bioethics): provideding knowledge of the different cultures that form the social environment, which is fundamental for doctors in a multi-ethnic society in continuous and rapid evolution.
  • Special attention to clinical skills: developing analytical and problem-solvinging skills in medical practice.
  • Special attention to 'environmental' skills: developing the students' ability to assess the environmental, political and occupational impact of health and diseases; assessoring the health service, its effectiveness, and its impact in economic terms, especially by measurementing its value through a cost benefit analysis.
  • Special attention to transversal soft skills: developing and consolidateding self-directed learninging and self-assessment skills, time management skills, planninging and organizational skills.
  • Continueding professional development: fostering the habit of systematic updatinging knowledge and skills.