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Basic course

"Introduction to the use of open source intelligence (OSINT) in the enterprise" is the title of the basic course, organized by UCBM Academy, which will take place from October. The path, with an approach based on learning by doing, provides the methodological skills to break down a question, plan and execute the process of collecting, analyzing and producing information, as well as providing guidance on the main tools that allow you to carry out an effective OSINT activity in a company environment.

The course is scheduled to start on Tuesday October 10, 2023.
>> Registrations still open

Advanced course

It will take place in March, however advanced course "The added value of open source intelligence (OSINT) in evaluating supply chains" which aims to offer participants an overall vision, useful for capturing and monitoring possible risks within the supply chains and in the relationship with counterparties. Using OSINT as a useful, effective and economical tool to support decision-making processes.

Participation in the courses allows the recognition of 1 CFU. Discounted fees are available for students and former students of the Master Homeland Security.

Departing Tuesday 19 March, 2024.
>> Registrations open

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