Define, replicate, develop

The PCR 1/2 project aims to pursue a threefold objective:

  1. Define the guidelines for the best preparation of the upper limb stump considering the specificity of each stepingol the patient and every conceivable prosthetic solution.
  2. Replicate a level of treatment comparable to the best offered by the state of the art in the preparation of an optimal upper limb stump, whether this is aimed at the "standard" prosthetic treatment or at TMR.
  3. Develop the TMR beyond the current limits of the method, in the following areas:
  • Less invasive surgery.
  • Reduction of reinnervation times.
  • Can be used for more distal amputations.
  • Ease of learning the control and integration of the system into the body schema.
  • Adding sensory feedback.
  • Harmonization of the movement of multiple articular joints.
  • Individualization of the system based on the specifications of the systemingol patient.