The KTO's activity is fully financed within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Mission 1 "Digitalisation, innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism" - Component 2 "Digitisation, innovation and competitiveness in the production system" - Investment 6 "System of industrial property" funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

The financing is aimed at implementing strengthening and capacity building projectsing of the technology transfer offices of Italian universities, public research bodies and scientific hospitalization and treatment institutes in order to increase the intensity of technology transfer flows towards the business system.

The title of the project is Enhancement of research in the biosciences sector through transfer of knowledge, human capital and industrial property rights 2023 (B3 – Biosciences, Patents and Business 2023).

With this financing UCBM, in line with its strategic vocation aimed at the centrality of the person, health innovation and improvement of the quality of life, intends to pursue and strengthen third mission activities and in particular technological transfer to make it available to the socio-economic system the knowledge produced as a development engine for the country.

To this end it is of primary importance for UCBM consolidate and encourage the implementation of projects in which collaboration between the world of research and the industrial fabric in the healthcare, agrifood and cleantech sectors is central, aimed at facilitating technological transfer processes and optimizing the management, organization and competitiveness of all the stakeholders of the healthcare system, the food supply chain and sustainability, encouraging both the dissemination of research results and the processes of increasing employment through the inclusion of young graduates in the world of work to be involved in the implementation of the projects themselves.

Within the project, the KTO activities will be carried out following a defined and continuous program which includes scout activitiesing of research results, intersection of the university technological offer with the innovation needs of companies, review, integration and implementation of the knowledge transfer and valorisation plan, monitoring of indicators and continuous training.

The financing requested by the European Union for the period 01/07/2023-30/06/2025 is equal to €102.000.