The doctoral school aims to organize and coordinate the activities of the Doctorates established by the University through the aggregation of areas of scientific research characterized by methodological and cultural affinities capable of promoting common training paths. In particular, the School:

  • defines and implements an educational program that ensures qualifying training moments, also through initiatives common to multiple Doctorates;
  • promotes a more organic and extensive relationship with external environments, both professional and research, and in particular with both national and international production entities interested in promoting innovation;
  • promotes better publicity of Doctoral activities also at an international level;
  • promotes the internationalization of doctorates through forms of collaboration with similar institutions in other countries, including certified international educational bodies, aimed at increasing the quality of the training offer and the mobility of doctoral students.;
  • carries out monitoring of the processes linked to the activities of the singdoctored oils to ensure their quality;
  • transmits the monitoring activity on the singor doctorates in the University Research Directorate.