A first experience in the world of work

The Departmental Faculty of Engineering encourages its students to carry out Training and Orientation Internships (TFO), during the university study course before obtaining the degree. The companies where students go for a TFO stipulate a convention with the University, and share with the latter and with the student a training project, document that officially certifies the internship experience.

The trainee student is supported by an academic tutor(professor of the University) and from a company mentor (as responsible for the placement of trainees within the host institution or company). By signing the agreement, the University insures trainees against accidents at work as well as for civil liability. During the training and orientation internship, the intern is required to:

  • carry out the activities foreseen in the training and orientation project
  • comply with the rules on hygiene, safety and health in the workplace
  • maintain the necessary confidentiality with regard to data, information or knowledge regarding production processes and products, acquired during the internship
  • follow the instructions of the tutors and refer to them for any organizational or other need
  • comply with company regulations and safety standards

The TFOs are the responsibility of the Departmental Faculties and Study Programmes. For further information on curricular internships, you can therefore contact the Secretary's office. However, for information on extra-curricular internships, click here.