Our training for your future

The Post-Graduate Training Service is the body that deals with the organization and promotion of the post-graduate training possibilities offered by the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. In collaboration with the various Departmental Faculties, the Service identifies training paths that are in line with the University's strategies and compatible with the requirements of the job market, thus guaranteeing the participants in these programs a human, as well as a professional, experience. The services offered by the Post-Graduate Training Service can be subdivided into three main categories, namely Master's and Specialization Programs, CME Programs and Lifelong Learning Programs.

Master's and Specialization Programs

Master's courses are designed to meet the training needs of the job market and are therefore to be utilized both by new graduates who wish to complete their training prior to enteringing the job market, and by professionals who are already workinging but looking to gain more professional skills. The education method that characterizes each Master's Program is aimed at convertinging pure knowledge into professional skills. Classroom sessions are enriched with the experience and testimonies of managers working in the various sectors, as well as with practical demonstrations and simulations, and are always followed by a period of on-site training at operating companiesing in the relevant sector. The aim of these periods of practical training is to offer the user an opportunity to gain work experience - for many, the first - which could eventually be extended on in the company where the practical training was done, or in other companies involved in the Course that the person has done.

Accredited CME Provider

The CME system (CME stands for “Continuing Medical Education”) is a tool that enables the healthcare professional to receive ongoing training so as to ensure continuous professional improvement and to respond to the needs of patients, as well as to the organizational and operational requirements of the Healthcare Services. The Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome's Post-Graduate Training Service is a CME Provider accredited by the Ministry of Health. In close collaboration with the University's clinical and educational departments, this Service designs CME seminars, workshops, conferences and innovative training modules addressed to healthcare workers. In addition, the Post-Graduate Training Service also collaborates with the University's Strategic Human Resources Section in order to coordinate and manage the CME training of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital's healthcare staff.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning is the section responsible for organizing ongoing learning programs once the learners have finished their schooling or university education. These Courses are aimed at broadeninging the users' skills and improving their level of professionalism, ensuring a constant balance between theoretical knowledge and practice. Lifelong Learning is aimed at people of all ages and qualifications, and offers a wide range of Courses that form part of an overall professional development plan that runs parallel to the training provided by the Master's and CME programs.