Qualification to practice the profession

THEUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma is the recognized registered office for taking state exams to obtain the qualification to practice the professions of Ingegnere Junior e Ingegnere. 

State exams are announced annually with an Ordinance of the Ministry of Education and Research, which can be downloaded, as soon as available, from the "Sessions" section of this page. There are two exam sessions, one in spring and one in autumn. These exams have been subject to reform (Presidential Decree 328/01) which establishes two distinct levels, which correspond to two distinct sections in the Professional Orders:

  • SECTION A: accessed with a master's, specialist or five-year degree (old system)
  • SECTION B: accessed with a university degree or university diploma, with a specialist/master's degree and a five-year degree (old system)

In order to sit the State Exam, it is necessary to submit an application for admission to the chosen location, it being understood that the deadline for submitting applications and the start of the tests are the same throughout the national territory. Applicants can apply at only one university site.

Exemption from the written test

Pursuant to articles 47 (paragraph 4) and 48 (paragraph 4) of Presidential Decree 328/01:  

  • those enrolled in Section B, admitted to take the State exam for admission to Section A, are exempt from the second written test, provided that the sector of origin coincides with that for which registration is requested
  • for those enrolled in a sector who request enrollment in another sector of the same section, the State exam is divided into the following tests:
    • a written test in the subjects characterizing the sector for which enrollment is required
    • a practical design test in the subjects characterizing the sector for which enrollment is required

The exemption from one or more tests will take place automatically.

Standards of Reference

2023 session

II session - November 2023

I session - July 2023

The information necessary for registering for the first session of the procedure in question and the relative deadlines are available at the following link: Message, University of UNICAMPUS.

The ministerial order relating to state exams for the year 2023 has been published and can be consulted online on the MUR website https://www.mur.gov.it/it/atti-e-normativa/ordinanza-ministeriale-n-472-del-17-5-2023. All the information will be published on the website and on the forthcoming announcement.

Sessions 2022

II session – November 2022

Session II: the procedure for completing the application for admission and the relative deadlines are published at the following link > Message, University of UNICAMPUS

I session - July 2022

2021 session

II session - November 2021

I session - June 2021

2020 session

II session - November 2020

I session - July 2020