CdLM Food Science and Technology and Food Design (LM/70)

The Master's Degree Course in "Food Science and Technology and Food Design (FOOD-TECH)" aims to train professional figures with advanced skills in the food science and technology sector for the management, control, and development of products and processes within food supply chains.

Female and master's graduates will be able to create innovation through specific skills in areas of microbiology and food technology processes and food design (with particular reference to Italian Food Design) and of food chemistry. They will complete the training with transversal skills related to regulatory aspects, regulators, of bioeconomics, of marketing, of sensors and dell 'artificial intelligence.

Graduates and master's graduates will have specific skills in Food Design to contribute to creating and designing distinctive food products that satisfy not only nutritional adequacy, but also sensory properties and environmental, economic and social sustainability. These skills will translate into a figure capable of knowing how to manage, in an innovative and conscious way, corporate, market and research needs according to a holistic vision linked to food science and technology.

The training project is divided into two years of course for a total of 120 CFU distributed over 4 semesters with the fourth semester dedicated to the training and orientation internship (4 CFU) and the final exam (degree thesis)(21 CFU). The training project also includes 12 CFU of courses chosen by the student and 3 CFU of knowledgeinguistic.

President of the Course