Participation in the national congress of the University Coordination for University Development Cooperation

27 September 2019 - The poster 'SonoMobile: a challengeing new way of collaboration between profit and non-profit organizations' won the 'best poster award' of the CUCS conference. The “SonoMobile” poster centered on the key themes of the three days held in Trento on 19, 20 and 21 September: safety, environment, sustainability. Now in its sixth edition, the conference had the general title of "Citizenship and common goods. Universities and cooperation for security, the environment and sustainable development".

The project, the result of a partnership between the NGO World Friends and the Campus Bio-Medico University, is in fact characterized by being a model of partnership between universities from the north and south of the world, actors from civil society and the business world. It is also a virtuous example of how it is possible to serve the primary needs of the weakest: women and children in developing countries, with sophisticated technology that is both low-cost and easy to use.

In this scenario our university finds an operational and supportive expression of its mission, not surprisingly well represented in the distinctive lemma ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, which demonstrates the commitment to promoting a "Science for man".

The poster was created to tell the story of the project 'SonoMobile: training of health personnel in the use of a portable ultrasound machine for the protection of the health of the mother-child population in the slums of Nairobi'. The project, promoted and implemented in the area by the NGO World Friends with a three-year funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is designed to ensure the early diagnosis of maternal-infant diseases and tackle neonatal, infant and maternal mortality in the population of the slums on the outskirts of the capital of Kenya, where the death rate among the youngest is 133 percent higher than the city average and the maternal death rate is double the national rate. The technological support is made possible thanks to the contribution of Ote Medical, which has made portable ultrasound machines available for use in peripheral areas and outside the hospital area.

The NGO World Friends, which has been a partner of our university in university cooperation initiatives for more than a decade, wanted to entrust the entire training and training component to our on the job of healthcare personnel, thus making possible the synergy between the experience and local roots of the NGO and the transfer of skills pertaining to the university. The gynecology team UCBM it has already carried out an on-site mission and guarantees telematic consultancy on the development of the training curriculum of local health personnel.