Travel report in Tanzania

July 15 2021 - "What is volunteering? Know yourself, leave a trace. Rukwa is a very poor region, the elderly do not exist, a region of young people without wise men, Joice, a journalist from Dar, tells me. On the plane we share seats like sisters on the couch. The twin-engine plane lands at Mbeya; from above it looks like a city of white roofs, they are made of sheet metal, because the hail kills here. Huts, barefoot youths, wooden plows carried by children parade along the highway. The women cook on the ground; infants with woolen hats under the sun in plastic buckets admire them. The shadows of the few trees protect the livestock and the people in clean Sunday clothes from the heat. Mvimwa monastery is a health oasis for 20.000 souls. They talk ingfew people were injured, only one Italian, but we communicate, we are human, the lingThe nonverbal message is universal. At the Dispensary Dr. Tanganyika teaches us the African-time with which Henry is born with the invaluable help of the students. Out in the villages they give birth alone, without assistance, many die, in the monastery cemetery we see too many mothers from the past. Some have never seen a Caucasian in a surgeon's suit, children cry, we look like aliens, but we bring candy and so they start playing and smiling. That smile is worth all the effort."

Dr. De Luca Cristiana
Physician in specialist training
Area of ​​Gynecology and Obstetrics
Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma