Doctor on a mission in the heart of the savannah

15 January 2021 - Enrico Davoli, general surgeon specialist of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital, has just landed in Africa, the place that had enchanted him since he was a child but which had rejected him after a life that had become too hard. Since January, Dr. Davoli has a new mission: to start the foundation of a center for women's and children's health in Tanzania, with special attention to the prevention of female tumors and neuromotor disability. 

Just two years ago, Davoli had accepted the proposal of Tiziana Bernardi, member of the Board of Directors UCBM and founder of the non-profit organization Golfini Rossi, to accompany her to Africa together with thirty university graduates to engage in the care of the most vulnerable. The new project for the creation of the center should have started in March 2020 but unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic delayed it until January 2021. With the arrival in Tanzania everything finally begins to take shape: ingmembers of the Italian scientific community and professors of the Polytechnic of Milan. For the surgeon on a mission this is a first step towards a great dream: "I chose surgery and Africa because it's the place where I feel happy where I find purity in human relationships, where despite poverty people always have a reason to dance in the evening" .

L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma for several years it has been helping developing countries, such as Tanzania, Peru and Madagascar, and is committed to renewing its commitment to health-food assistance and education activities, inter-university research programs and projects for the construction of infrastructures of social interest in developing countries. 

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