Method and apparatus for slip detection with mono- and multi-axial force sensors

The invention refers to a method for detecting slip phenomena occurring between two surfaces in contact, in particular between the surface of a manipulated object and the surface of a manipulated object.

In particular, the method object of the invention, through the use of a single mono-axial sensor, allows to:

  • measure the value of the contact force between the sensor itself and the object gripped by the manipulator, be it a robotic effector, robotic hand or prosthesis
  • process the measured force to detect slip events that the gripped object may encounter.

Advantageously, the method can use any force sensor, both mono-axial and multi-axial, requiring in ingrepresented as the only normal component of the applied force. The method can however be applied to tangential force components, where available.

Inventors: R. A. Romeo, L. Zollo, E. Guglielmelli
Owners: Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and Inail