Contribute to the achievement of managerial balance

The Administration and Finance Department ensures the implementation of the guidelines of the Governing Bodies on the subject of economic and financial management of the University in order to contribute to the achievement of managerial balance. It has the task of managing the finances and assets of the University, through the implementation of administrative, accounting, fiscal and budgetary policies, ensuring compliance with obligations, optimal management of financial liquidity, accounting integration of the various structures, support for decision-making and information processes.

The Mission of the Economic-Financial Area concerns in particular:

  • the management of the University's tax and fiscal obligations
  • the accounting management of the University and the preparation of the annual final balance with particular reference to clarity, truthfulness, correctness and timing
  • the management of relations with credit institutions
  • planning of incoming and outgoing cash flows
  • support to the General Management in managing relations with the Board of Auditors
  • credit management and recovery.