A more human environment

The Basic Services contribute, within the scope of the mission, to making the University, University and University Hospital a human environment: not only efficient, but also welcoming and pleasant. They manage various activities which, taken together, contribute to creating the right environmental conditions to perform their work in the best possible way. The main services they deal with are the quality of the rooms, the catering and the dietary service, the laundry and the cloakroom.

Service quality environments and laundry service

It takes care of creating a welcoming and comfortable dimension first of all for the staff and then for the users. The material care of the environments conveys the perception of being cared for and respect for the person. The laundry staff also takes care of the management of the flat linen of the entire hospital and of the garments necessary for the defense of the dignity and protection of the patient's privacy. The work of the Cleaning Service staff allows to welcome those who use our structure in a clean environment, in order to generate an immediate attitude of trust.

Dietary and Catering Service

Cares for patients, students and employees. The Policlinico, PRABB and Cesa buildings ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma they have a restaurant and bar. Students and employees benefit from the catering services at discounted prices, provided they show their identification badge at the checkout. For more information on the catering service, the opening hours of bars and restaurants and how to access, click here. The Dietetic Service plans and activates information, preventive and food education campaigns, carries out nutritional surveillance activities in the restaurant sector as regards the structure's employees. As far as the care of hospitalized patients is concerned, the Dietetic Service, in collaboration with the Clinical Nutrition Service, not only deals with nutritional management and dietary therapy, but also coordinates and monitors catering and the food cycle, verifying the correct application of the food hygiene legislation. THE Catering Service for patients is managed by a specialized team inside the University Hospital, which deals with the preparation and delivery of meals, studying every aspect in detail: choice of menus calibrated on the patients' dietary needs, control of the preparation processes, chromatic matching of the dishes, preparation of the trays.

Wardrobe service

Most of the employees of the Campus Bio-Medico University are required to dress appropriately for the environment and for the human and professional style of the University and the cloakroom service is available for those who wear a uniform and for all the needs that may arise. to derive. The wardrobe maids ensure that each person has the complete uniform for the work to be done, providing for its maintenance and the necessary replenishment in case of wear.

Respect for the environment and waste management

The University pays particular attention to respect for the environment and waste disposal. The objectives are constantly monitored to obtain the reduction of waste production, the correct differentiation and the identification of the best recycling and recovery methods. All staff are involved in the project and are invited to carry out separate waste collection correctly, using the containers located throughout the facility.