After winning the acceleration course offered by Marzotto Venture AcceleratorOn the occasion of Award 2031, Alessandro Belli, Martina Passigli e Angelica Zonfrilli, students of Degree in IngIndustrial engineering UCBM, they will present their la AL Water start-up at the Italian TechWeek in Turin.

 It is a Eco-green and advertising start-up aimed at the sale of aluminum water bottles, with the aim of finance future environmental and social projects and provide innovative advertising space for businesses. 

 "Our project - born within the Financial Engineer courseing OF THE teachers Marco Papi e Roberto Guide - is based on the idea of ​​bringing advertising to people in an innovative way, through everyday objects" explains Alessandro. 

 The Italian Tech Week will be held from 27 to 29 September in Turin and represents the most important Italian event dedicated to technology, organized by GEDI Publishing Group, which brings together the brightest minds of the international tech scene to talk about innovation, future and new trends.
Guests of the caliber of will be present at the meeting Brian Chesky, AD Airbnb, e Sam Altman, CEO and Co-Founder OpenAI.  

>> Watch the video and discover Al Water