The "neurocinema", the series of meetings aimed at students of V year of the Master's Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery dell 'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma within the projects of innovative teaching which complement the traditional course of study.

Through a selection of films and documentaries, some will be addressed neurological pathologies, not just from clinical point of view but also of theemotional impact and practical consequences that the disease has on the patient and his social network.

Cinema is therefore the protagonist and means through which to explore the wonders and mysteries of the human brain, from its complex cognitive functions to its surprising ability to adapt and heal after an injury. After each screening there is a discussion in which the scientific and cinematographic aspects of what has just been seen are highlighted.

>> Next appointment on 24 April 2024 with the film Still Alice, 19 pm in the Aula Magna Trapezio