On the occasion of the exhibition "Sex-appeal, the scandalous life of nature", on sexuality in the animal and plant world, the Toulouse Museum has contacted Federica Spani, PhD Researcher ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma in Comparative Anatomy for his research on the genital bones of primates, in particular female specimens.

Federica Spani is an international expert on bioimaginging: study of shape variations in different biological structures thanks to 3D acquisitions carried out through micro-CT scans. Driven by the desire to share her research with the global scientific network, the researcher created the largest existing virtual database of comparative anatomy.

Insieme a Monica Carosi, ethologist and primatologist at the Department of Science of the University of Roma Tre, Spani elaborated on his recent findings about the clitoral bone in the seminar "The clitoris bone: a discovery here chatouille the science".