Mr. Minister of Health 

Distinguished Chief of Staff of the Ministry of University and Research 

Dear Sami Modiano 

Hon. Walter Veltroni  

Rectors and Rectors  

Authorities All  

Dear teachers, students and students  

Boys from the "Marta Russo" comprehensive institute in Trigoria 

Distinguished Guests and Friends 

I would like to extend a welcome greetingingthank you to be present at the Inauguration Ceremony of the 31st academic year ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.

A ringspecial thanks, for their participation in this ceremony, to the Minister of Health, Prof. Orazio Schillaci, who participates on behalf of the Prime Minister and a warm greeting also to the Head of Cabinet of the Minister of University and Research, Avv. Marcella Panucci, delegated by the Minister, Sen. Anna Maria Bernini, who authorized the awarding of an honorary degree to Sami Modiano. 

L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma This year it celebrates 30 years since its establishment. Thirty years after its establishment, it was 15 October 1993 when Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, first successor of Saint Josemaria Escrivà and inspirer of this University, celebrated the Holy Mass on the occasion of the inauguration of the first academic year.  

In these 30 years our University has grown a lot, becoming an academic and research reality known, appreciated and esteemed at a national and international level. And this thanks to the many people - teachers, managers and technical and administrative staff - who daily put their professionalism and expertise at the service of this great educational, apostolic and academic undertaking, making our University a place of cultural growth, openness to truth, of intellectual and human formation.

The goal and deep desire ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, in fact, is to promote a "global education" of the student. 

"Global" because it is aimed at acquiring skills that are not only technical and professional, but also human, social and relational, as well as values. 

"Global" because it involves both those who receive and those who give training in a process of mutual enrichment: in giving training, one is trained.  

"Global", finally, because it is aimed at students and people who are "citizens of the world", a world that they seek to transform and improve to make it, through culture and the unity of knowledge, more welcoming, more true, more human .

In this scenario we understand even better the value of the honorary degree in Medicine and Surgery which, today, we will award to Sami Modiano. 

Allow me a sincere ringthanks to the Jewish Community of Rome, to its President, Victor Fadlun, to the former President Ruth Dureghello, to the Chief Rabbi Rav Riccardo Di Segni. 

Conferring an honorary degree in Medicine and Surgery to Sami Modiano has an extraordinary meaning because it underlines how his incessant work of testimony and memory is a source of hope in all of us. Sami speaks to our hearts and, through his story, helps us to love others and welcome them into our lives.

The honorary degree, therefore, takes on an educational value towards future doctors and towards all students so that, thanks to Sami's example, they are capable of always defending life, are bearers of hope and protagonists of a more humane and supportive society . 

This is the hope we place at the beginning of this new academic year and which we find summarized in the "motto" of our thirty-year anniversary: ​​"Deep roots and an eye to the future". The roots, which represent the values ​​and our identity, are the guide to imagine and build together the future ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma as a University increasingly at the service of young people, of the territory and of society. 

thank you.

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